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Ann Catrin Evans is an internationally renowned Sculptor & Jeweller. A Black, Silver and Goldsmith. A leading light on the Welsh craft scene for over 25 years.

ACE’s work encapsulates a spirit of beauty – the craftsmanship is her heart & art. Honest craftsmanship & functionality combine in a celebration of Welsh heritage mixed with a paired back timeless aesthetic. A precise sort of understatement combined with exceptional craft. A quiet determination to make pieces that are both beautiful and useful.

Collections of modern love spoons, door furniture, intricate bespoke pieces of jewellery, statement sculptures in the landscape…all make powerful connections between the viewer and the handmade piece. ACE’s work enhances the narrative of our everyday lives & landscape.

ACE’s work is like that of an alchemist—the ‘non-precious’ becomes precious, an old piece of iron becomes an exquisite piece of jewellery. Whether working in forged steel or copper, the ordinary becomes the extraordinary in ACE’s hands.

Adornment for Landscape, Architecture, Homes & People.

Ann Catrin Evans
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