Karen Williams , originally from Anglesey but now based near Bethesda, set up her jewellery practice in 1995. Commissions include designing and creating the Crown for the National Eisteddfod in 1999 and 2008. She has also been a recipient of the Creative Wales Award and support for her current project ‘Llanddwyn Shore Lines’ from the Arts Council of Wales.

The Crater and Holey collections are based around the definition of the word ‘Tyllu – to hole, bore, perforate, pierce’. The physical manipulation of the silver is central to the production of the deep texture. Holes are explored within the work, creating something from nothing and utilising the ‘hole’ to produce form and alter depth and space within a piece. This way of working the metal and the construction of the pieces are integral and the designs reflect the processes which have created them.

The Treasure collection is inspired by found objects from the sea, looking at broken edges of shells and the creep of barnacles across different surfaces.

The colonisation of abandoned shells by new creatures, is represented by precious and semi-precious stones occupying the ‘holes’ in the pieces.